University Acceptances, Class of 2020
  • upper school
Giannabella Sacco

Congratulations to some of our seniors who have already received offers from universities!

  • Upper School
Read-A-Thon Campaign
  • elementary
Giannabella Sacco

We are excited to launch our 5th annual ASM Read-A-Thon!

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Facing Climate Change At ASM
  • all school
Giannabella Sacco

2019 will be remembered as the year Greta Thunberg galvanized millions of young people to petition governments all over the world to take action against global warming. 

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The ASM Carl Immordino Cafetorium

At ASM we are lucky to have our own in-house kitchen. The food is delicious, Italian cooking, freshly prepared on the premises. Our alumni know the quality of our food, as Piera and Santina have been cooking for our students for over 35 years and are now cooking for the children of alumni too.

At lunch we serve at least two types of pasta, with a main course of meat, fish or vegetarian, as well as side dishes of cooked vegetables and salads. For those who prefer a light lunch, there are mixed salads, bresaola, mozzarella cheese and a large selection of panini.

Since 2009/10 the cafeteria serves organic pasta, rice, oil and butter, and we are able to accommodate most students with allergies and special diets.

After lunch, there is always a selection of fruit or yogurt. For special occasions there are beautiful and delicious cookies, cakes and desserts made by pastry chef Santina.

At evening events, award nights and Graduation, Piera and her staff serve the most wonderful delicacies, including lobster, truffles and homemade pastries.

Piera, who runs our cafeteria, has been at ASM since 1979. Santina, our pastry chef has been working at ASM since 1978. They are an institution!

Our wonderful Milano international school cateria friends!


Contact or phone +39 02 53000015