The mission of the Athletics Program at ASM is to provide all students with the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills that can be applied into a variety of team and individual based sports. Emphasis is placed on holistic fitness skills providing students with healthy habits, both physically and mentally, for a lifetime full of fitness.

Elementary School Physical Education at ASM focuses on students developing sports skills and life skills whilst having fun. They will be learning to cooperate with each other and to play by the rules set in class. Good habits of wellness and fitness will be encouraged. Upper School Physical Education focuses on extending the acquired skills and sports knowledge to more advanced units, helping students learn how to increase fitness levels, choose a lifetime sport, and make healthy choices.

The extensive middle school and varsity athletics programs at ASM offer students a wide variety of sports and provide the students with the opportunity to compete in two International Sports Leagues; the Northern International Schools Sports Association (NISSA) and the European Sports Conference (ESC).

NISSA is composed of eight schools from Northern Italy and the Italian-Speaking Canton of Ticino in Switzerland. The eight schools are the seven Milanese schools; the American School of Milan, the German School of Milan, the International School of Milan, the International School of Como, Scuola Europa, the British School of Milan and St. Louis School, as well as the American School in Switzerland (TASIS). These institutions compete on a regular basis as an entity, on the Varsity and Middle School levels.

ESC allows various international schools to meet in specified tournament activities on a competitive basis. Each school works toward a common aim in cooperation with other schools to achieve an efficient and well-balanced health and fitness programs. The following schools are full-members of ESC: American School of Barcelona, American School of Milan, American School of Valencia, Berlin Brandenburg International School, Bavarian International School, Carlucci American International School of Lisbon, International School of Lausanne, International School of Zug and Luzern, International School of Geneva, St. Julian's School, The American School In Switzerland (TASIS), and the International School of Paris.