Welcome to ASM Strategic Plan 2015-2021


“Inspire our values-driven community through innovative, student centered education, distinguished by courageous leadership.”

As our members of the community worked together to develop the strategic plan, we discovered that the most enlightening aspect of creating a successful plan was to develop the art of listening. It has been said that people ‘listen to respond’ but in this process, we worked to listen to each other in order to process, engage and implement. We also listened to our community through both surveys and the voices in the halls of our school. We listened to the ideas and dreams of our staff and students. No one person created this plan. It truly is a design created by the voices of ASM.

We ARE our values was a significant factor in developing the plan and actions. We wanted to do more than simply reflect our values of Accountability, Respect and Empowerment. We wanted our plan to reflect our expectations for ourselves and each other.

Although a strategic plan by definition is an expressed intent for the future, it is really about the present. It cannot lay dormant on a shelf, but must be lived and acted upon each day. This will be achieved with our outstanding and dedicated staff, our engaged and progressive students and our diverse community of responsible and caring parents. In this sense, we all have leadership roles in our plan. Consequently, we stand to achieve even greater position, not only in Milan, but in the International community.

This Strategic Plan 2015-2021 identifies five strategic areas – Dynamic Learning Processes is focused upon our teaching and learning community; Educational Ecosystems enhances our facilities and learning environment; Governance Leadership and Organization will reinforce our commitment to responsible leadership; Finance Management focuses upon maintaining sound financial protocols and as well as proactive safety management; Admissions and Advancement is designed to further strengthen our global reputation in the international community.

The ASM Director and the ASM Board of Trustees are deeply committed to the plan. We believe in our plan and our vision and we understand the priority to “ensure a modern and rigorous education for International students to excel in the changing world of tomorrow.” Most importantly, we do believe that the “future depends upon what we do in the present.”

Alessandra Piccinino, ASM President/Strategic Plan Champion