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ASM Choir Students Travel to Paris

ASM Choir Students Travel to Paris

For the past few years, during the first weekend of June, the ASM middle and high school choirs have traveled to different cities in Europe to perform and learn more about the history of music.

In 2017, we traveled to Tuscany, visiting Florence and Luca and performing in beautiful locations such as Montecatini Terme.  In 2018, we traveled to Venice where we were able to visit the incredible city and had the honor of performing at St. Mark’s Basilica. This year, for the very first time, we left Italy and flew to Paris, France.

On our first day, after arriving at Paris Orly Airport, we met up with Josh - our amazing tour guide that has been with us during every tour - and got to visit the Cité de la Musique museum. Here, using audio guides we were able to travel through the history of music. On Friday, we began the day with a boat tour down the river Seine where we were able to see famous French landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Assemblée nationale and Notre Dame. We then took a quick stop for photos at the Eiffel Tower before heading for our first concert at the Madeleine cathedral. It was a beautiful event, and a true honor to perform for the public in this historic venue.

The following day, we were up and running at 6:15am - we had breakfast and hopped onto a bus to Disneyland! There we participated in a private workshop with Lauren and Simon, who have both been working at Disney for several years as choreographers. They worked with us on presenting two songs from the movie “Frozen” -- “Let It Go” and “For the First Time In Forever.”  Afterwards, we were able to have a short and very interesting Q&A with them about the performing industry. Then it was time for our second concert of the tour at the Videopolis Theater in Disneyland. This was an energetic and fun affair which got the crowd dancing to songs like Jai Ho. Afterwards, we celebrated with free time to enjoy the various rides in the park - and had a ton of fun.

On Sunday, our final day in Paris, we walked to the Montparnasse Tower where we took elevators to the top and enjoyed a spectacular view of the city. Following a quick lunch, we then took the bus to the airport to return to Milan. The trip was an amazing experience. We visited so many beautiful places and enjoyed so many new experiences!  We returned home tired but happy.

  • Article written by Rebecca C., ASM 10th Grader