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Unity Week

October is Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month. Unity Week is about bringing together our separate communities to show one unified school.

We are unified in our mission as a school to be Accountable, Respectful, and to support and Empower each other. Our counselors and administration work hard at collaborating with teachers to bring "unity" discussions and activities to the classroom on a daily basis. Conversations and activities help to decrease bullying gateway behaviors, help support a positive school climate, and identify a student's power in being able to be a positive change maker in their environments. This year, we have a big focus on kind acts as a way to "Pay it Forward". We hope to see a ripple effect of kindness radiating from our empathic students.

To kick off unity week Elementary students created a community project that brought art and technology together.  We focused on LINE, one of the 7 elements of art, as a way to connect us all together. Each class talked about the things that we have in common and the things that make us unique. The project is an example of how art can bring us together to show both unity and diversity. Grades K - 5 used ink to paint a wide black line along their paper to unify the design. They then used oil pastels to create their own unique drawing expressing their personal ideas. Ms. Kress’s 4th grade Coding elective class helped to test some of the lines with our M-Bots. Ms. Jenna and Ms. Kress took all of our paintings and put them together to create the image of a large heart with the letters ASM inside of it on the floor of ASM’s main atrium!

All students in the Upper School participated in various activities centered around the topics of inclusion, acceptance, and kindness. Students watched short videos in their classrooms each morning that focused on a daily theme, followed by group discussions and reflection. Reflection activities were also offered during lunch/recess time. In addition, students in grades 6-10 received a classroom lesson focused specifically on the topic of bullying prevention and unity. Our hope is that by fostering a focus on these topics, we will continue to be a united community. Our aim is the offer students an environment in which they feel accepted, included, and welcome.