General Assembly Update

Thank you to all members who attended the General Assembly of our Association on Tuesday, October 6 or who voted by proxy.

The four trustees elected to a three-year term expiring in May 2023 are:

  • Carlo Perini

  • Mariacarlotta Rinaldini Bedin

  • Andre’ Schmidt

  • James Woods

In addition, Mr. Drew Keith’s and Hon. Mr. Robert Needham’s appointments to two vacant board seats, both expiring in May 2021 were ratified by the Assembly. Election results will be published in the minutes of the Assembly.


The new Board members are pictured above (Hon. Mr. Robert Needham not pictured due to quarantine).

Following the Assembly, the new Board of Trustees is composed as follows:

  • Eva Apostolou

  • Alberto Cantoni

  • Mauro Fanfoni

  • Drew Keith

  • Massimiliano Maffioli

  • Rosaria Manfredi

  • Hon. Robert Needham

  • Carlo Perini

  • Mariacarlotta Rinaldini Bedin

  • Mauro Savoia

  • Andre' Schmidt

  • James Woods  


The budget for next year was also approved by the Assembly.