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Donate your 5 x 1000 to ASM

The Italian Government offers tax payers the option of devolving 5x1000 of their taxes, so the 0.5% of Income Tax rate, in favor of universities, non-profit organizations and activities with a social purpose.

5x1000 does not replace the 8x1000, it has no cost and it is a way to choose to whom to allocate part of your taxes, which will inevitably go to the Italian state.5x1000 ASM.png


Thanks to the “Cinque per Mille”, parents and friends of ASM have the opportunity of devolving to the American School of Milan, as a recognized association, €5 out of every €1,000 of taxes they pay to the Italian State. We strongly encourage you to donate your “Cinque per Mille” to the school. In this way you will be investing in your child’s education and the future of the school.

You can make your donation through your CUD, UNICO or 730 tax declaration forms. All you need is the Codice Fiscale tax code of the American School of Milan to place on your form: 80094230150

ASM has received €14,859 from the 5 X 1000 (Cinque per mille) initiative from the 2017 tax year.  This is the seventh year in which ASM has participated in this program.  As in the past, these returns will be allocated to the school’s Professional Development fund.  Thanks to the generosity of many people, since 2011 we have raised € 128,707.34

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