Class of 2021 University Acceptances

Congratulations seniors!

We are proud to announce that our seniors are starting to receive admission to the universities below. More acceptances will be arriving over the course of the semester.

Ludovica (University of Warwick and City, University of London), Carolina (City, University of London, University of Westminster and ESSEC International Business School), Chiara (Bocconi University), Giulia (Bocconi University), Chloe (University of Nottingham and University of Bristol), Hannah (University of Minnesota and Fordham University), Miguel (Bocconi University), Alessandra (University of York and University of St. Andrews), Miguel (Bocconi University and University of Toronto), Angelica (Bocconi University), Sara (Bocconi University), Irene (Yale University, Bocconi University), Nandita (University of Leeds), Caterina (University College London and Queen Mary University of London), Santiago (Bocconi University, Queen Mary University of London and SOAS University of London), Konstantin (Bocconi University and University College London), Sophia (American University of Paris and John Cabot University), Tudor (University of Leeds and Loughborough University), Pram (University of Brighton, Heriot-Watt University, University of Leicester, University of Sussex, University of Groningen, and Tilburg University) Tommaso (IE University), Soyoka (University of Leeds, University of Birmingham, University College London), Giacomo (Stanford University, Bocconi University, City, University of London, Queen Mary University), Virginia (Queen Mary University), Marco R (Bocconi University, Queen Mary University), Carlo (Bocconi University).

Hard work and dedication is paying off!  Check back for more updates.

For full list of 2021 university acceptances, click here.