ASM School Closure Update, 8 March

The Italian government yesterday announced an extension of school closures to April 3. (it seems quite likely, given Easter and our spring break, that we will actually not resume on-campus learning until April 20). Other aspects of the edict restrict movement to, from, and within Lombardia. This was unwelcome news, but we are in unprecedented times.


ASM faculty and staff will continue to work to deliver on-line schooling to all students as we have for the past two weeks. This and following Mondays will be half day (9-12pm) schooling, with teacher collaboration time in the afternoon. Tuesday-Friday we will provide full day online schooling. We will do our best to announce any future schedule modifications with some lead time. 

We have surveyed some of our students about their experiences thus far, and one of the challenges is the lack of social interaction that regular school--that being together on campus--provides. ASM has provided parents with access to a tool that can help connect you with your child's peers: the ClassList application. We hope that it will be helpful in providing you with contact information with your child's peers that can help you possibly set up a chance to get together in the park or, perhaps, virtually. 


Kind regards,

Wayne Rutherford
American School of Milan