Welcome to ASM Strategic Plan 2021- 2026


“Inspire our values-driven community through innovative, student centered education, distinguished by courageous leadership.”

The American School of Milan has grown, added programs and facilities, and has continued to improve its offerings over the 60 years of its history. As our previous (2016-21) Strategic Plan drew to a close, ASM was–along with the rest of the world–enduring the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there was an option to ‘ride out’ the pandemic before charting future school improvements, the 2020-21 Board of Trustees and the Director agreed that the school would be better served having a new Strategic Plan in place for 2021-22, rather than waiting. 

Thus, over the course of SY 2020-21, the ASM community was engaged in a process that included Mission review, Core Values review and Strategic Planning. Focus groups of parents, students, teachers, staff and regional educational experts met with a consultant to share their ideas about ASM’s strengths and areas for growth, and that work culminated in a revised Mission Statement, renewed Core Values, and a new Strategic Plan for the future. 

The context of the global pandemic necessarily informs our planning. The pandemic has taught us nothing if not the folly of feeling certain about the future. But with optimism about the future of Milan, Italy, and ASM, the Board and school Leadership have taken the feedback of the community to craft four Strategic Areas and goals for school improvement in the coming years:

  1. Uncompromised Identity focuses on our international diversity and our reputation as top international school in Europe; 

  2. Leading Edge Education reaffirms our researched-based, American-accredited education is guided by our Mission and led by our educators who are committed to the social and emotional well-being of our students; 

  3. Financial Resilience ensures that, in order to seize opportunities and weather challenges while never wavering from our Mission and our non-profit status, ASM retains fiscal health and stability.

  4. State of the Art Infrastructure aims for ASM to maintain and improve on the best EC-12 campus in Milan with inspiring learning spaces, ethical consumption, and efficient, effective use of technology to support learning and operations

 We look forward to guiding ASM's positive future for the next 5 years, and to having your support along the way. 

Wayne Rutherford, Director of ASM

James Woods, President of the Board of Trustees