Elizabeth Foster, Alumna Class of 2015 now at Boston University
Posted 08/26/2016 04:10PM

I've been to six schools, and ASM was by far my favorite. I felt like I belonged and had the best friends I've ever had there. I got to have some amazing experiences like going to Berlin with my class, being in musicals, going to La Scala with my Italian class, and going to prom in a beautiful hotel! I also enjoyed having close relationships with my teachers and feeling like everyone was rooting for me and my classmates to do great in school.

After completing my first year of college, I can definitely say that ASM prepared me really well for the stress of deadlines and a heavy workload--in fact, I think in a lot of ways my freshman year at BU was 'easy' thanks to my preparation at ASM!

ASM will always hold a special place in my heart and was a huge part of what made Milan feel like home to me.