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ASM senior, Sofie Mogensen, offered a place at University College London

Sofie, class of 2017, started her course at ASM in 10th grade after moving to Milan from Doha, Qatar. She was born in Denmark but considers herself a citizen of the world, having developed an international mindset while traveling and living abroad. Now 17, we interviewed her to see where her road to success leads to next.

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Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs

Our Mission

The American School of Milan ensures a modern and rigorous education for International students to excel in the changing world of tomorrow.

Our Strategic Vision

Inspire our values-driven Community through innovative, student-centred education, distinguished by courageous leadership.

Our Values

Accountability, Respect and Empowerment.

We ARE our Values

Our Beliefs

Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values and Beliefs

ASM believes in:

  • Providing students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in an increasingly complex world;
  • A framework that combines an American-style education with the rigor of the International Baccalaureate continuum of International education;
  • Developing high academic levels of English language proficiency while respecting the culture and language of Italy, the host country;
  • Constantly pursuing excellence in all aspects of the school's program by providing a well-planned and sequenced curriculum that provides our students with the highest standards of international education;
  • Providing ample opportunities for our students to develop intellectual skills, which include information gathering, organization, synthesis, analysis, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving and effective communication;
  • Providing the opportunity for our students to pursue excellence in arts and athletics and to experience service to others;
  • An encouraging environment of creativity, curiosity and the spirit of scientific inquiry in mind, body and spirit that will foster a lifelong interest in learning;
  • A solid grounding in the use of modern technology, its applications, potential and limitations;
  • A positive, caring, and safe learning environment that encourages questioning and allows students to step outside their comfort zone;
  • Encouraging the development of individual integrity and high ethical standards;
  • Encouraging the understanding and acceptance of the dignity and worth of all people;
  • Celebrating the cultural diversity among our community of learners.
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